9/26/2019: We are in the process of publishing course articulation by department for the 2017-2018, 2018-2019, 2019-2020 academic years on the ASSIST website. When the system permits it, we will begin publishing course articulation by major.

Interim tools:

  • For course articulation that is not yet displayed at, refer to this supplemental database of SF State-approved course equivalencies. NOTE: as course articulation data for each California Community College becomes available in ASSIST, the institution will be removed from the supplemental database. 
  • For current information about SF State degree program requirements, refer to the Academic Programs section of the University Bulletin.
  • For an ongoing summary of requirement changes or other updates affecting lower division major preparation, refer to Revised SF State Major Info.
  • Bay Area CCCs: View agreements for significantly revised majors including course articulation here.
  • For the most recent summary of SF State courses aligned to C-ID, follow the C-ID link in the left menu.


The Articulation office works to ensure that prospective students have access to accurate information about approved SF State course equivalencies and transfer pathways. In support of this goal, we

  • Identify potential course equivalencies and pathways, facilitate faculty review, and display approved course equivalencies for requirements in SF State's undergraduate degree programs;
  • Collaborate with other SF State offices working with transfer credit;
  • Develop and deliver resources about articulation and transfer credit to the campus;
  • Utilize technology to improve data accuracy and increase accessibility to information about transfer credit.


Articulation Agreements


Current articulation agreements with California's community colleges and other CSU campuses are maintained in ASSIST, a public database that displays how lower division course units can be applied after transfer. SF State's faculty-approved course-to-course agreements are organized by department and by undergraduate major. Visit ASSIST at


Agreements outside of ASSIST

SF State maintains course and GE equivalencies with other institutions which are not displayed in ASSIST.


Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act (STAR Act/SB1440) Information

The Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act was enacted with the passage of SB 1440, which became state law in 2010. The STAR Act enabled California’s Community Colleges and the California State University to collaborate on the creation of the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT): Associate of Arts for Transfer (AA-T) and  Associate of Science for Transfer (AS-T).  SF State recognizes AA-Ts or AS-Ts as similar to nearly ninety of its degree programs.   More STAR Act/SB1440 Information.







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