Graduation Requirements

All undergraduate students must complete 48 units of General Education (GE) requirements. Lower division GE courses can be completed in transfer, but upper division GE courses must be completed at SF State. Students are required to meet the GE requirements in place the year they started at SF State, even if GE requirements change while they are in attendance.

General Education Requirements changed in Fall 2014 and in Fall 2019. The links below provide information for students, advisors, faculty and staff about General Education requirements in place depending on when a student started at SF State.

What is General Education?

General Education is intended to provide the knowledge, skills, experiences, and perspectives that will enable SF State students to expand their capacities to take part in a wide range of human interests and activities; to confront personal, cultural, moral, and social problems that are an inevitable part of human life; and to cultivate both the requisite skills and enthusiasm for lifelong learning. The General Education program at SF State is based on the requirements of the CSU, which are based on AAC&U LEAP outcomes, intended to provide a broad, liberal education to all of our students.


When did you start attending SF State?