Spring 2023 First-Year Seminar/Area E Classes

AU 101: First-Year Experience for Transfer Students

Prerequisite: GE Area A2*.

The goals of higher education, mission and structure of the university, communication and information competency, academic skill development, and personal and interpersonal skills related to academic success. Preparation for upper-division writing in the major (GWAR).



AAS 106: Asian American Activism

Prerequisite: GE Area A2*.

Introduction to the discipline of Asian American studies and the practice of interdisciplinary, social-justice based inquiry and research. Focus on the human behavior of Asian American leadership, visionary activism, activist movements, and activist-related knowledge paradigms. Emphasis on rhetorical strategies of communication for self-reflection, self-determination, and community empowerment, and for the development of social relationships



AAS 108: Asian American Artistic Explorations: Creativity, Identity, and Community

Prerequisite: GE Area A2*.

Examine Asian American artistic explorations as self-expression, a reflection of community, and a tool for organizing. Study how artists utilize creative work for the exploration, recording, understanding, and expression of Asian American life. Investigate the importance of visual literacy in enacting social justice and empowerment in the Asian American community. Explore how Asian American artists employ autobiography and self-portraiture to analyze and express concerns such as well-being, identity formation, social justice, and community activism. Analyze works by Asian American creators in relation to the Asian American community. Writing and creative assignments. (Plus-minus letter grade only)



AMST 200/LS 200: Self, Place, and Knowing: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Prerequisite: GE Area A2* or permission of the instructor.

Introduction to Liberal Studies, American Studies, the practice of interdisciplinary inquiry, and the culmination of the first-year experience sequence. Project-based focus on different ways of understanding oneself in relationship the University, and San Francisco and the larger Bay Area. Emphasis on experiential learning through mapping (exploring, navigating, understanding, and cataloging). [CSL may be available] (This course is offered as LS 200 and AMST 200. Students may not repeat the course under an alternate prefix.)



BUS 216: Foundations in Business Communications

Prerequisite: GE Area A2* with a grade of C- or better.

Examination of business foundational skills including constructive reading and writing skills for business inquiry, engagement in social and ethical issues within the field of business, specific composing and revising skills, critical analysis, and self-reflection. Extensive practice in writing and editing business documents with an emphasis on style, structure, purpose, and audience. Examination of differences in cultural diversity in business. (Plus-minus ABC/NC, CR/NC allowed)



CWL 216: Telling Stories: How the World Writes “You”

Prerequisite: GE Area A2* with a grade of C- or better.

Our world is made of stories. The news we read, the ideas we share, and our senses of selfhood all take shape through stories. Study writing from around the world to see how stories reflect and construct personal and cultural identities. Apply tools of literary analysis to texts encountered in everyday life, to examine how narrative forms shape understandings of identity and invite readers to adopt different values. Practice communicating effectively and persuasively to different audiences while exploring how such work can lead to personal and professional success.



EED 250: Teaching and Learning Beyond the Classroom

Prerequisite: GE Area A2 with a grade of C- or better.

Analysis and exploration of how children learn from the local, natural, and built environment. Critical examination of the practice of teaching social studies and science through the use of local historical and educational sites through culturally responsive perspectives. Introduction to professional and scholarly discourse and writing in educational research and practice. (Plus-minus letter grade only) [Formerly EDUC 250/E ED 250]



ENG 216: Cultivating Curiosity: Explore Your World, Your Identity, and Your Future

Prerequisite: GE Area A2*.

Your world is waiting to be explored. Learn how the interests that drive and shape you are awakened through discovery. Choose a topic you're curious or passionate about (pop culture, rocket science, etc.) to better understand your world, identity, and future. Apply tools of questioning, research, writing, and reflection to bring your topic to life, all while practicing effective communication to different audiences. Serves as a springboard to students' majors and future lives through writing that makes a difference in your communities and leads to personal and professional success. [CSL may be available]



ENG 217: Multilingual Voices: Bridging the Distance with Our Stories

Prerequisite: GE Area A2 or equivalent.

Practice multilingual reading, critical thinking, and writing skills. Engage with a topic of choice - from pop culture to rocket science and everything in between - to better understand the world, self-identity, and the future. Emphasis on effective and persuasive communication to different audiences showcasing various realities and bridging the distance between people. Includes practice with writing in a variety of formats as well as peer discussion designed to celebrate diversity. (Plus-minus ABC/NC, CR/NC allowed)



ENG 218: Literature is Not a Luxury: Writing for Self and Community

Prerequisites: GE Area A2*. Intended primarily for English majors as the culmination of the first-year experience sequence.

Explore how the literary imagination shapes our ways of being in the world. Research and write about self-chosen topics that determine how the study of literature is uniquely suited to intervene in questions of social justice, personal identity, health, and wellness. Through research projects, group presentations, and related activities learn and practice academic success strategies and literary argumentation; develop information literacy; engage with the writing process including peer and faculty feedback, and practice a variety of rhetorical genres, both digital and print.



HIST 103: The History of Me

Prerequisite: GE Area A2*.

Analysis of autobiographies, oral histories, and histories of SF State as models for self-reflection and the creation of life narratives. Intended as the culmination of the first-year experience sequence. Apply techniques of historical research and writing to answer the questions: "Who am I?" "Where do I come from?" "Where am I now?" and "Where am I going?" (Plus-minus ABC/NC grading only)



HSS 210: Social Justice in Action: A Health and Social Sciences Perspective

Prerequisite: GE Area A2*.

Analysis of social justice issues from a health and social science perspective. Learn and apply concepts and communication strategies to advocate for oneself and others on- and off-campus.



IR 259: Children and Youth in International Relations

Introduction to international relations from the perspectives of children and youth around the world to underscore the agency, creativity, and resilience in these young voices and appreciation of their growing activism and impact in world politics. Discussion of children's rights, social justice, child labor, unaccompanied refugee minors, politics of girlhood, environmental and political youth activism, and media. (Plus-minus letter grades only)



ITEC 299: How to Learn with your Mobile Device

Prerequisite: GE Area A2.

Self-awareness and reflection as a lifelong learner. Use of learning improvement ("metacognitive") strategies for specific aspects of learning, such as reading and writing. Use of various technologies to complete learning tasks and to advance and support learning. Technologies include mobile tools (mobile apps, podcasts, microblogs), social tools (social networks, social bookmarks, social reading tools), and media tools (multimedia, screencasts). Exploration of identity development and well-being in learning contexts. Development of ePortfolio about learning with technology showcasing analysis of reading, writing in multiple formats, rhetorical arguments for different audiences, engagement with new technology tools and platforms for learning, and digital literacy.



LTNS 270: Latina/o/x Murals, Memes, Music, and More: Latina/o/x Arts & Humanities

Prerequisite: GE Area A2.

U.S. Latina/o/x cultural experiences documented through music, visual culture, and oral history. Focus on the historical, social, political, and economic forces that inform the activist orientation of Latina/o/x music, public art, visual culture, and the humanities.