VIII. Course Reserve Bank: SFSU Course Review & Approval Guidelines

The Course Reserve Bank (CRB) is a mechanism by which regular and topic courses may be placed in an inactive status. This banking action automatically eliminates the course from the University Bulletin, Class Schedule, and other publications during this period of inactivity.


  1. Action Required to Place a Course in the Bank
    • A topic course is placed in the Course Reserve Bank automatically at the conclusion of the last term offered.
    • A regular course may be placed in the Course Reserve Bank by filing a Course Action Request Form (CARF) in the Curriculum Coordinator’s Office.
  2. Action Required to Remove a Course from the Bank
    • A Course Action Request Form is filed in the Curriculum Coordinator’s Office in accordance with the established course review/approval dates for the applicable term; and
    • No significant changes have been made in the course since it was last offered. If such changes have been made, or are proposed, the course must be resubmitted by the department/program for review and approval as though it were being considered for the first time.