C1 Lower Division Arts

Lower Division Arts and Humanities (Area C)


Students take a minimum of 9 units, including one course from Area C1, one course from Area C2, one chosen from Area C1 or C2.


Course Expectations for Lower Division Arts (C1) (3 units)

To be certified by the Baccalaureate Requirements Committee as meeting the lower-division arts (C1) general education requirement,


  1. The course must be lower division and open to all students. Courses that are numbered between 100 and 199 may not have prerequisites. Courses that are numbered between 200 and 299 may have a single prerequisite, but departments and programs must provide an adequate justification for that prerequisite. Typically, students should be eligible to enroll in lower division general education courses in their first year.

  2. The course syllabus must list the university-approved student learning outcomes for arts (C1) and link them to activities and/or assignments that students complete to demonstrate they have met the outcomes.


Student Learning Outcomes for Lower Division Arts (C1) (3 units)

After completion of a lower division general education course in arts, students will be able to:


  1. appreciate and reflect on specific ways of knowing the world involved in the creation, interpretation, and evaluation of artistic works and performances;

  2. evaluate information from a variety of sources and use that information to articulate well-reasoned responses to artistic concerns;

  3. appreciate diverse artistic expressions;

  4. describe ethical issues arising out of artistic expressions, which may include those related to social justice, and may have implications for local and/or global communities;

  5. identify local and/or global cultural, historical, and sociopolitical contexts for artistic expressions; and

  6. articulate the relevance of artistic expressions to their lives.


Links between Educational Goals and Outcomes for Lower Division Arts


The student learning outcomes were developed in relationship to the “Educational Goals for the Baccalaureate at San Francisco State University.” The chart below illustrates that relationship for lower division arts. The numbers correspond to the way the educational goals and student learning outcomes are numbered above.


Links Between Educational Goals and Learning Outcomes

Educational Goals

Student Learning Outcomes for Lower Division Arts

1. Competencies for Lifelong Intellectual Endeavor


2. Intellectual Attainments


3. Appreciation of Diversity


4. Ethical Engagement


5. Integration and Application of Knowledge

5, 6