AERM American Ethnic & Racial Minorities

Appendix C


Course Expectations, Student Learning Outcomes, and Links to Goals for American Ethnic and Racial Minorities (AERM) (3 units)



SF State Studies courses are expected to engage students with the core values of San Francisco State University. Courses approved to satisfy SF State Studies requirements are expected to meet the spirit of these requirements. The theme of the designation should be infused into the course but is not required to be the primary theme or topic of the course. Although some assignments must address the theme, it is not required that all assignments do so.


Students earning baccalaureate degrees from San Francisco State University must complete a three-unit course that is designated as an American Ethnic and Racial Minorities (AERM) course. Any course (one in general education, a major, a minor, a certificate, complementary studies, or an elective) that is designated an AERM course may meet this requirement. Students may use the same course to fulfill more than one requirement, if the course is designated as meeting more than one requirement, but the units will be counted only once.


Recognizing that "race" is a historically and socially constructed category, American ethnic and racial minority populations are defined as those that are:

  • excluded from the dominant majority community or culture;
  • excluded from sustained influence on, access to, and participation in structures and institutions in the United States and the privilege of power deriving from such exclusions;
  • identify with or see themselves as members of a distinct ethnic or racial minority group; and
  • racialized as members of that (or another racialized) group and as such, have been systematically oppressed by the dominant society's institutions and ideologies.


Course Expectations for American Ethnic and Racial Minorities (3 units; may be an


To be certified by the Baccalaureate Requirements Committee as meeting the American Ethnic and Racial Minorities (AERM) university requirement,


  1. The course may be a lower or upper division course, with or without prerequisites, a transfer course or a course taken in residence, and it may be anywhere in the curriculum (e.g., GE, major, minor, certificate, electives, etc.). Each student earning a baccalaureate degree from San Francisco State University is required to complete at least one American Ethnic and Racial Minorities class.

  2. Course syllabi must include the university approved student learning outcomes for American Ethnic and Racial Minorities (AERM) and link them to activities and/or assignments that students complete to demonstrate they have met the outcomes.

  3. Assignments that correspond to the assignment expectations stated below.

  4. Courses approved for the American Ethnic and Racial Minorities Requirement should:

  • present views of one or more groups of American Ethnic and Racial Minorities both from the perspective of the group and as an integral part of American society;
  • encourage the study of values, attitudes, behaviors and/or creative endeavors that acknowledge and respect the dignity of all groups; and
  • present a thorough analysis of the historical experiences, social stratification processes, political activism, basic cultural patterns, aesthetic experiences and/or ideologies, and include one or more of the oppressed groups of color: African Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans, Pacific Islander Americans, US Latinas/Latinos, South West Asian/North African Americans, and people of mixed racialized heritages. Student Learning




Outcomes for American Ethnic and Racial Minorities (3 units; may be an overlay)

After successfully completing a course designated as fulfilling the American Ethnic and Racial Minorities requirement, students will be capable of applying scholarship in the study of American Ethnic and Racial Minorities and will be able to do at least two of the following:


  1. identify the historical, political, and/or cultural and aesthetic experiences and actions of one or more US ethnic/racial minority groups;

  2. identify the value systems and/or styles of creative expression of one or more

  3. ethnic/racial minority groups of the United States;

  4. develop social and cultural participation skills, decision-making abilities, and political awareness in order to be citizens in an ethnically and racially diverse nation; and

  5. develop the understandings and behavioral competencies necessary for effective interpersonal and inter-ethnic group interactions such as the following:

  • recognizing the dynamics of racial hierarchies and power relations,
  • recognizing the dynamics of interpersonal interactions,
  • recognizing the problems of ethnic and racial minority stereotypes, and
  • recognizing the diversity of attitudes and values which are projected in verbal and nonverbal behavior.


Links between Educational Goals and Outcomes for American Ethnic and Racial Minorities

The student learning outcomes were developed in relationship to the “Educational Goals for the Baccalaureate at San Francisco State University.” The chart below illustrates that relationship for American Ethnic and Racial Minorities. The numbers correspond to the way the educational goals and student learning outcomes are numbered above.


Links Between Educational Goals and Learning Outcomes

Educational Goals

Student Learning Outcomes for American Ethnic and Racial Minorities

3. Appreciation of Diversity

1, 2, 3 and/or 4