Report Templates and Submission

Tips for Annual Assessment

  • Academic Planning can assist departments in developing their assessment plan.
  • It is not necessary to assess every program learning outcome every year. Depending on the number of PLOs, a 3-, 5-, 7-year cycle may be appropriate. Accredited programs can use the timeline of the accreditation cycle to assess PLOs.
  • All PLOs of all degree programs offered (bachelor’s, master’s, minor and certificate) should be assessed at least once per program review or accreditation cycle.
  • There are faculty-created rubrics available from the AAC&U and linked in the resources area that can be used as is or as a starting point to assess the big themes in program learning outcomes.
  • Accredited programs doing annual assessment can use that report for as their annual assessment report. Please submit to using the link on the Reports and Submission site.
  • Design a capstone experience which has program learning outcomes as course learning outcomes and assess student work in a way that allows you to simultaneously evaluate student learning in the program learning outcomes and grade the course.

Annual Assessment Report Templates

The five assessment activities represent different stages in the program assessment process and are mutually connected:

  • Mission Statement: A statement of the values and principles that guide the curriculum of a degree program and that reflects the educational purpose and learning environment of the program at SF State.
    Mission Statement Template (docx download)
  • Program Learning Outcomes: Statements of the essential knowledge, skills and attitudes that students are expected to achieve upon graduation in a degree program.
    Program Learning Outcomes Template (docx download)
  • Curriculum Map: A map of how courses in the curriculum link to different PLOs and the level of support provided for the PLO in the course.
    Curriculum Map Report Template (docx download)
  • Assessment Findings: Presents the results of an assessment of how well students are learning a particular PLO.
    Assessment Findings Template (docx download)
  • Closing the Loop: A description of any changes made, if needed, to courses, assignments, the curriculum or program learning outcomes as a result of assessment findings.
    Closing the Loop Template (docx download)

No matter which activity you decide to pursue, it is recommended that this work involve department-wide faculty conversations, input, and participation.

Submission of Annual Assessment Reports

Please make sure your department or program name (abbreviation fine) and the year is in the name of your report. Save as a pdf and submit the pdf here: