EXCO Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any more questions (especially, to suggest questions to be added below), you can contact sfstateExco@gmail.com (link sends e-mail)

Taking an EXCO course

Why take an EXCO course?

There could be many reasons why you choose to take an EXCO course, from simple interest in the subject to the want to teach your own course. Regardless of your reason, you would be supporting student driven learning and take part in something unique and historic. You also get 1 (one) unit worth of credit.


How many units/requirements do I earn for taking a course?

Students gain one unit of upper division elective credit when taking and passing an EXCO 301 course.


How do I enroll in an EXCO 301 course?

All EXCO 301 courses are listed on Gateway as well as on the EXCO website. Students can enroll in an Exco course in the same way they would enroll for any SF State course.

Before the semester begins, students sign up through Gateway during their period of registration. During the first three weeks of the semester you will need a permit number from the Exco student-teacher in order to sign up for the course (you must ask them for permission to sign up!)

After the first three weeks of the semester are over, students can only sign up for a course by completing a Waiver of College Regulations. These waivers are only granted if the student had already started taking an Exco course but had missed the deadline to register.


When do the classes meet?

The times and locations are determined both by the university as well as the student teacher. Contact the student teacher to find out the times and locations if they are not listed in Gateway.


Teaching an EXCO course

What are the requirements to submit a course proposal?

There are no requirements other than being an undergraduate student, submitting a proposal by the deadline, and having a passion for your topic.


When will students know when a proposal has been accepted?

One week after they submit it.


Will I be mentored?

YES! The Director of the program will meet with groups of Exco teachers every other week during the semester they teach. There will be an orientation meeting before the semester starts as well as a handbook for you to use. The handbook provides examples of.