EXCO Past Courses Spring 2023


EXCO 301.01 - Mexican Folklorico Dance

Teacher: Debra Avelar-Castaneda, avelardebra@gmail.com

This course will allow students to learn the history of traditional Mexican Folklorico dance, as well as learn the fundamentals of dancing folklorico.


EXCO 301.02 - Intro to Veterinary Medicine

Teacher: Chloe Ettinger cettinger@mail.sfsu.edu

This course will teach students basic knowledge about the veterinary medical field: career paths, veterinary school application process and requirements, veterinary medical terminology, how to obtain clinical/field experiences, etc.


EXCO 301.04 - Genealogy - the study and tracing of lines of descent or development.

Teacher: Albert Feaster, i.v.leagueuniversity@gmail.com

Through Genealogy, students will develop leadership qualities by exploring the ultimate “why” behind all actions, the emotional/pleasure factor in life, what you think you are, what you think you can achieve & how to achieve your goals through self-discovery and self-knowledge.


EXCO 301.05 - The History and Influence Of Graphic Novels in America

Teacher: Dakota Washington, dakotawashington15@gmail.com

My goal for this course is to teach people, who are interested in comic books and the media that has come from them, where it all started. My focus would be to inform my students, who the original artists and writers were that created characters for DC, Marvel, Dark Horse, Archie Comics and other publishers. I would go into how the publishers formed,who were their first characters and first stories. I would also focus on characters’ first debut (what issue icons first appeared). Then I will show how it evolved into movies and TV shows and show the history of which actors played who along with important dates like when the first comic book movies came out. I will also show the history of the massive commercialization of "nerd culture" and how much it’s influenced the media forever.


EXCO 301.06 - Asian Student Union Internship

Teacher: Aira Darl Amoguis, aamoguis@mail.sfsu.edu

Asian Student Union (ASU) offers this internship course to give students at San Francisco State University first-hand exposure to social, cultural, and political issues in Asian communities throughout the Bay area. This course seeks to provide individuals with an intimate and hands-on approach to local Asian American culture in a community setting, while also addressing the local/global issues Asian Americans face today. The program provides insight on how ethnic studies reflects students' daily lives and empowers students to continue to support the Asian American community through organization and management opportunities.


EXCO 301.10 - Deep Dive into Sound for Film

Teacher: Alan Gomez, agomez43@mail.sfsu.edu

At every meeting, I would love to see everyone come in and explain what movie or film soundtrack impacted them in the week or in the past. As a group, we would view scenes that impacted and see what sounds and behind the scenes of the score or in the studio.


EXCO 301.11 - Examining Selected African American Short Stories and Poems

Teacher: Damarcus Johnson, djohnson16@mail.sfsu.edu

This course will explore a few aspects of black literature. This will range readings that deal with black womanhood, religion in black literature, and the idea of "passing" in black culture. Through this class students are expected to read the assigned readings for each author, but they are also encouraged to read any other short stories/poems that they may come across during their time in the course. This course offers students a chance to look at the literature of authors they might not have read from before, as well as have an open space to discuss the themes/ideas that they felt were conveyed throughout the readings.


EXCO 301.12 - BDSM 101

Teacher: Mary Walden, BDSM101EXCO@gmail.com

BDSM 101 will help students explore their personalities and sexuality in a safe, controlled space. We will dive into the deepest, darkest corners of the BDSM lifestyle and speak with people who have 60+ years of experience within the community. This class will push students to the edge of their comfort zone and encourage them to reevaluate what their boundaries truly are.


EXCO 301.13 - SFState Pre-Medicine

Teacher: Menaal Alowdi, malowdi@mail.sfsu.edu

This course will serve as a guide for all the Pre-Med students who are interested in pursuing a career in Medicine, specifically going to medical school to become a doctor. It will give students an insight into the different specialties in Medicine. Students will learn about the life of Doctors, Nurses, PAs and what their routines typically look like in a day, as well as explore various social issues in the field. This course also offers hands-on activities and Health Professional guest speakers.


EXCO 301.15 - Lucid Dreaming

Teacher: Julia McEvily, jmcevily@sfsu.edu

This course is designed to facilitate an understanding of the benefits of Lucid Dreaming while exploring mindful approaches to sleep and dreaming. We take a look at the history and science of Lucid Dreaming and talk about, and practice, a variety of effective induction techniques. We will be learning how to take note of our sleep cycles so that we can identify the most favorable times in the night to attempt lucid dreaming induction. We will be incorporating mindfulness and meditation to help our lucid dreaming training. Students will be able to identify the difference between lucid and non-lucid dreaming, understand how mindfulness helps both nighttime and daytime lucidity, and how to practice lucid dreaming safely, and without sacrificing their restorative sleep. At the end of the course, students will be able to create their own personalized lucid dreaming training program.


EXCO 301.16 - Places in San Francisco

Teacher: Neal Wong, nwong20@sfsu.edu

San Francisco has a lot of interesting, little-known places. We will explore many of them in this course on weekly field trips. Learn about the different neighborhoods by visiting them.


EXCO 301.18 - Diversibility

Teacher: Masha Aleskovski, maleskovski@mail.sfsu.edu

This class will teach students about how people live with various disabilities. We'll have workshops such as blind clay,blind tasting, deaf and one-handed workshops, (how to do things using only one hand). On the last month, we will work on what students want to work on more: blind, deaf, or one-handed experiences. I'm planning to teach it maybe with another student with disabilities.


EXCO 301.20 - Percy Jackson and The Olympians

Teacher: Synphanie Crawford, scrawford1@mail.sfsu.edu

The class would review the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series by Rick Riordan. We would explore the characters,their relationships, and how the books relate to Greek and Roman mythology.


EXCO 301.21 - The Massacred Future: Climate Change Impacts and You

Teacher: Liam Bucsko, lbucsko@sfsu.edu

Climate change is here. Even now, the world is irrevocably changing into something humanity has never experienced. What will happen to our world and the world that our children inherit? What can we expect? What can we do to avoid the worst effects in our lives?
This class will talk about how CO2 and other greenhouse gases have effected the world, both in the ancient past and at present. We’ll examine climate change’s many impacts on weather, wildlife, agriculture, and the spread of diseases. We’ll look at inadequate political responses and the dangerously shifting political landscape. Most importantly, we’ll envision what we can do to mitigate the effects of climate change!
This class is intended for everyone – no background in science needed!


EXCO 301.22 - Fountain of Youth

Teacher: Jennifer Gee and Emily Pham, jgee@mail.sfsu.edu; epham2@mail.sfsu.edu

Fountain of Youth will dive into our childhood. Reflecting on the past to the present day and seeing how much we've grown as individuals. Assignments will be a mixture of writing, visuals, audio, and video. Students will walk away with a bucket list for the future while being kind to their present selves. They will learn how to revisit their past with a positive mindset.


EXCO 301.23 - Plants and Human Culture

Teacher: Piper Lawrence, plawrence@mail.sfsu.edu

Course details cross-cultural competencies regarding the historical relationships between plants and different human cultures. The course covers a variety of anthropological relationships with plant organisms, details botanical systems of symbolism, covers the myths and legends pertaining to plants, the symbolism of plants in modern religious systems, discusses the practical uses for plants, entails botanical linguistic praxis, and also includes a basic introduction to the botanical taxonomic language. (Class is designed for both Biology Majors & Non-Biology Majors; this class details cultural relationships with botanical organisms in primarily non-biological contexts.)


EXCO 301.24 - Psychedelics- Plant Medicine’s Indigenous Origins, Cultural Journey, and Navigating a Corporate Future

Teacher: Alexander Vaheid, avaheid@mail.sfsu.edu

In this class we will learn about the origins and history of the class of psychoactive chemicals that we call psychedelics. We will trace their journey from plant medicine used by indigenous cultures throughout the world, and then through their tumultuous introduction to “western culture”, and look towards the ethics of the future as hundreds of companies with billions in funding prepare for decriminalization and eventual legalization.


EXCO 301.25 - L33tCode for Young Developers

Teacher: Zachary Weinstein zweinstein@mail.sfsu.edu

Are you struggling to pass coding assessments for job/internship applications? Well, then look no further than L33tCode for Young Developers! This class seeks to enable young professionals in software development to harness their skills through practical problems as a class. Meeting every week, we will ensure that students are prepared to face whatever coding challenge they may meet head-on on the real world.


EXCO 301.28 - Productivity 101

Teacher: Eric Ye, historylostsecrets@gmail.com

This course will provide the tools and strategies on how to build a successful semester as a student at SF State. Students in this course will set fundamental habits that will serve them throughout the semester and beyond, from setting sleep schedules, priority to-do lists, organizing and structuring their days, getting distraction-free work done, to self-care practices. Students will consistently and progressively build their work routines while developing a greater awareness of their own patterns via productivity journals throughout the course of the semester. Additionally, students will receive regular support from accountability partners or groups, so that they will finish their semester successfully.


EXCO 301.29 - Writing on the Muni

Teacher: Adrian Fernandez, afernandez17@sfsu.edu

Write poetry with creative writing junior Adrian Jose Fernandez, traveling to different locations around San Francisco each class. Learn about the history of our city by actually visiting important locations while also writing poetry on and about what you see. The original Philz, balmy alley, Views of Alcatraz, ocean beach bonfires, the Castro, Haight and Ashbury. Practice writing poetry in an outdoor, group setting in the most evocative city in all of California.


EXCO 301.30 - Introduction to Swing Dance

Teacher: Stanislav Shaposhnikov, sshaposhnikov@sfsu.edu

This course introduces the classics of Swing Dance; single-step, triple-step, Lindy Hop 6&8 count, Lindy Charleston, and more, danced to the swing style of jazz music from the 1920s-40s. We will learn fundamentals such as the swing out, lindy circle, tuck turn, and many variations, all while exploring the influence of Lindy Hop historical figures such as Frankie Manning, Shorty George, and Norma Miller. No partner and absolutely no dance experience required at all!