Experimental College - Past Courses, Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Courses

EXCO 301.01 Autism Acceptance and Appreciation

This course will focus on correcting the stigma surrounding autism as something that needs to be cured. We will be looking into where the stigma comes from as well as why so many things commonly associated with autism are harmful to the autistic community. We will be challenging the medical model of autism and exploring the neurodiversity model.

EXCO 301.02 Free Style Creative Writing

Students will be given weekly writing assignments based on various themes. Each week the themes to write about slowly begin to require more deep thinking. So, that ultimately by the end of the semester they've acquired more awareness about themselves, strengthened their connection with who they are, and expanded their creativity in self-exploration. Students are allowed to use whatever style of writing they so choose. Rather it is poems, fiction stories, songs, memoirs, personal essays, etc., the possibilities are endless.

EXCO 301.03 Chasing Cryptids

Learn about cryptids, folklore, and urban legends throughout the world as we discuss histories and speculation surrounding them, interpretations from different cultures, and their impact and awareness today.

EXCO 301.04 Fanfiction as Literature

This course seeks to examine fanfiction, self-published stories by media fans, as the literary form it is. We will examine the evolution of modern fanfiction; what preceded it; the legal concerns surrounding its publication; the differences between fanfiction, transformative fiction, and adaptation; the socio-cultural aspects of reading and writing it; fanfiction etiquette; traits of the genre, and more. And, whether first-time or long-time readers or writers, students will be challenged to write some fanfiction of their own.

EXCO 301.05 How to be Involved with Local Politics

In this class, we will learn about San Francisco's politics. We will be discussing some of the hot topics like urban planning, budgeting process, election, etc. We will also do some discussion about working in a political campaign and governmental environment.

EXCO 301.06 Psychology of Psychedelics

This course will discuss the long history of psychedelics and how its utility and stigma has changed throughout the years. The class will discuss its effect on the brain as well as the way that experiences including psychedelics can affect our psyche. Its dangers will be acknowledged and it's potential in the field of psychology will be questioned.

EXCO 301.07 Building resilience with meditation

I will demonstrate effective and simple meditation techniques, breathing exercises, and nutrition to help build mental resilience, physical health, and well-being.

EXCO 301.08 Life and after college planning

The purpose of class and my goal is to share my experiences on real estates, savings, money management, financial literacy, and how credit works. I've spent hours reading books, watching seminars, and taking lectures on how those topics work. Many times I found the information can be confusing, overwhelming and hard to unpack, therefore in the next 16 weeks, we will try to unpack all those topics to prepare you for LIFE AFTER COLLEGE.

EXCO 301.09 Personal Branding and Communication

Students focus on:

  • Learning how to articulate and communicate their authentic story
  • Exploring the intersectionality between race and the workforce
  • Becoming familiar with the basics of reputation management
  • Investigating various branding strategies within mainstream media culture
  • Understanding potential risk identification factors
  • Strategically build and manage their professional online presence
  • Practicing media training strategies
  • Examining public relations and branding case studies
  • Identifying their expertise through interactive strength-based leadership exercises

EXCO 301.10 Calming Sketches & BIPOC Art History

There is no such thing as bad technical art. Through art practice, students will participate in a creative space that is nonjudgmental, safe, and thought-provoking. Every week, students will focus on a certain theme/subject matter, complete a page's worth of low-stress sketches, and learn about BIPOC artists. This course is designed to promote confidence in practicing art (regardless of skill), dismantle notions of the pretentious gate-keeping art world, and to decolonize the Eurocentric art canon. *Art experience, technique, and buying new materials NOT required! Open mind, kindness, and effort are required!*

EXCO 301.12 Thematic Analysis of Studio Ghibli Films

Exploring themes and messages that are about studio ghibli films that they can apply and relate to the real world.

EXCO 301.13 Experimental Media Production

Experimental Media Production explores the history, technology, and methodology behind using media production for artistic and abstract purposes. The course is broken into four sections—Graphic Design & Photography, Video & Motion Visuals, Music & Audio, and Interactive Media—to look how creative thinking and experimentation is used across the various mediums of multimedia. In addition to exploring the concepts of experimental media, there will be opportunities to participate in optional creative assignments using free-to-use software and web-based platforms.

EXCO 301.14 A Student Revolution

The United States is known for its ‘democracy,’ its energy, and its political capital. For years, we have seen activism among students and younger generations. Student voice in education and politics is crucial. In this course we will explore three areas of study: (1) history of student activism in the US and in San Francisco; (2) develop an understanding of what it means to be a student leader in the context of the modern-day and in higher education plus PreK-12 environments; and (3) how we can cultivate effective student leaders, and revolutionize the way the younger generation is perceived in seats of power.

EXCO 301.15 How K-Pop became a Global Phenomenon

Analyzing the history of Korean pop music (K-Pop) and its cultural impacts on both South Korea and abroad. Students will learn through this course how to navigate a global media landscape through music and various connected elements of popular culture. This will occur through an in depth analysis of Korean music companies and how K-Pop has become a global phenomenon despite language and cultural barriers through written assignments and in-class discussion.

EXCO 301.16 The Intersectionality of Frida Kahlo

This course will examine the complex identity of Frida Kahlo and her artwork as we analyze each layer through an intersectional lens. The main attributes we will examine are: sexuality, gender identity, gender expression, disability, race, economic status, politics, and so on. This course will be taught through an art-historical perspective along with using intersectional feminist theories.

EXCO 301.18 Indigenous Resistance under Capitalism: Decolonization Movements

This course's goal is to highlight indigenous voices and liberation in the age of capitalism, colonialism, imperialism and neoliberalism. In this course we will also spend time learning about resistance movements such as the Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico and connect to current issues we see in America like Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) and environmental racism. We must recognize that in order to honor indigenous history and revolutions, we must also attempt to decolonize our learning, especially while we are are on stolen land.

EXCO 301.19 Being Spike Jonze

The title of “Renaissance Man” has been reserved for very few in history; people who have achieved not only proficiency but greatness in a multitude of different areas of knowledge. Who may come to mind when we hear this term? Leonardo da Vinci? Isaac Newton? J.W. von Goethe? In this course, we aim to study the ever transforming idea of the Renaissance Man through the modern work of Spike Jonze: acclaimed filmmaker, photographer, musician, writer, and actor.

EXCO 301.20 The Non-Fictional History of Superheroes

This course will discuss the origins of superheroes in a historical sense. Students will learn the history and themes of of these pop-culture icons as well as the importance of protecting your art. Learn how Superman defeated the KKK in real life, who the "real" creator of Batman is and how Marvel Comics went from bankrupt to creating the highest grossing film of all time. The class will discuss the politics of superheroes, the business of comic books, superheroes' roles in pop- culture, and how many superhero creators couldn't get their happy ending.

EXCO 301.21 Grownup 101: A Fresh Approach On Adulting

This course assists college students with learning how to navigate in this stressful environment that we call "the real world" with confidence. Learn tips and tools for time management, personal finance, living situations, how to obtain and successfully handle employment, social etiquette, traveling abroad, goal setting and preparing for success. We will also focus on health maintenance (which includes physical, mental and emotional health issues and concerns) and self-care during this pandemic.

EXCO 301.22 Timed Film Challenges

Basic production skills will be learned in this class. It will help students build connections with others looking to enter the media industry. The class will give students an opportunity to show off their talents and interests while also helping each other grow as creators. Students will have a 1Week, 48hr, and 24hr, film challenge to test their team, leadership, and communication skills.

EXCO 301.23 Sex and Dating in Modern Society

Sex, sexuality and dating today is influenced by so many different things. The amount of access we have to social media provides constant expectations of what sex, dating and sexuality should look like today. In many ways it gives us a great insight into the world of positive sexuality but it can also be detrimental. Does social media play a role in the way we view other's relationships as well as our own? Are dating apps causing us to lose touch with the way we naturally communicate with people we are attracted to? Does the access to porn pose a threat to our body image and our own confidence around our own sexuality or sex life? This course will explore how our modern society has influenced all of this.

EXCO 301.25 The Fruits of Our Labor

This course will analyze the impact of fruit production when considering race, gender and class. In The Fruits of Our Labor, we will specifically focus on labor movements and how global capitalism influences all aspects of our life, starting with fruit.

EXCO 301.26 ASU Internship

The Asian Student Union (ASU) offers this course allowing students taking courses at San Francisco State University first-hand exposure to social, cultural, and political issues in Asian communities throughout the Bay Area. This Course gears toward opening the minds of individuals, exposing them to the Asian American culture while also addressing local/ global issues Asian Americans face today. The program contributes to the Asian American community by producing strong leaders and organizers through offering interns opportunities to participate in the management and facilitation of ASU events and activities.

EXCO 301.27 Understanding Brain Disorders

Today, there are a handful of people who struggle with neurological damage and disorders.Throughout this course, we will explore the science of Brain disorders and diseases. You will learn to appreciate and expand your knowledge on certain brain disorders.This course will provide students with conceptual framework of different brain disorders and disease. Each week, we will focus on a different disease where we will discuss the history, what part of the brain it effects, treatments, and how does an individual cope with having this disorder/disease. Syndromes, diseases, illnesses, disorders, we will cover each week grow students' understanding. The course will also teach how some other disorders effect the brain and its core functions.

EXCO 301.28 Misrepresentation of Liberals and Conservatives

The main goal of this class is to understand how both sides of the political spectrum (liberals and conservatives) are misunderstood due to the media, stereotypes and biases. This class aims to break barriers between students to allow everyone to feel represented within the university.