EXCO Past Courses Fall 2023


EXCO 301.01 - Crafting Horror Fiction

Teacher: Joseph Krauter, jkrauter@mail.sfsu.edu

Applying CW Craft skills in the horror genre to invoke the five sensory input elements of fear; these craft skills can also be applied to more formulas than just horror [ie: comedy, romance, adventure, sci-fi etc.] This course is designed to have students develop and use rapid fire critical thinking skills to create fiction pieces that activate the five human sensory input responses.


EXCO 301.02 - Intro to Veterinary Medicine

Teacher: Catherine Gonzalez, cgonzalezreyes@sfsu.edu

Students teaching students the introduction of veterinary medicine along with guiding students in their career goals with resources and help.


EXCO 301.03 - Knitting Basics and Beyond

Teacher: Maria Mancillas, mmancillas@mail.sfsu.edu

This course covers the basics of knitting, along with different techniques, to create a final project based on a knitting pattern using the skills acquired. You will learn about the history and benefits of knitting, the different types of needles and yarns to choose for knitting, as well as different knitting techniques and what to knit.


EXCO 301.04 - Genealogy

Teacher: Albert Feaster and Cia Davis, i.v.leagueuniversity@gmail.com and mdavis30@sfsu.edu

"Genealogy - Studying Lines of Descent & Development.” This course will be giving students the opportunity to exercise their free will and their freedom to choose. Through Genealogy, students will develop leadership qualities by exploring the ultimate “why” behind all your actions, the emotional/pleasure factor in life, what you think you are, what you think you can achieve & how to achieve your goals through self-discovery and self-knowledge.


EXCO 301.05 - Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard/Norse Mythology

Teacher: Madison Claude, mclaude@sfsu.edu

This class will go over the “Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard” trilogy by Rick Riordan including its characters, settings, cultural inspirations, and its place in the overall literary universe Riordan has created; as well as touch up on a small chunk of Norse mythology. This course is dedicated to raising awareness to a Riordan series that is often overshadowed by their more popular literary sibling series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians.


EXCO 301.06 - Journaling 101

Teacher: Yara Jeries, yjeries@sfsu.edu

This course will introduce you to the basics of journaling. Keeping a journal can be incredible for your mental and emotional well-being. My goal is for you to understand the benefits of journaling, how it could help you grow and heal as a person as well as increase your self awareness and emotional regulation skills, and to explore different kinds of journaling through both theory and practice. If you've never tried to journal or just don't know where to start, that's alright, this is the course for you!.


EXCO 301.07 - Asian/Asian American Narratives in Comics

Teacher: Michael Sagum, msagum@sfsu.edu

This course aims to explore Asian/Asian American narratives primarily through the form of comics/graphic novels, but will also include other mediums like videos, short podcasts, poetry, articles, etc in order to supplement the content and give extra background information. The class will explore the topics of immigration, mental health, queerness, history, and discrimination within the Asian American community. Although this class isn't an art course, we will draw in this class (drawing skills not required) as part of cultural energizers, or note taking. Ultimately, this is meant to be a space where people have a chance to learn about Asian/American experiences while exploring their own identities. Class workload involves: reading comics, consuming Asian/Asian American made media, weekly discussions, and creative projects. .


EXCO 301.08 - KPop as a Global Phenomenon

Teacher: Sylvie Walker-Aguero, swalkeraguero@sfsu.edu

We will study in depth: The history of K-pop as a music industry and its impact and significance both in Korea and globally; Looking at how K-pop has quickly risen to global popularity and become a major genre in music; Studying how Hallyu (the Korean Wave) has popularized elements of Korean culture and acts as Korea’s “soft power”; How the K-pop industry operates: companies, marketing, scandals, etc. Students will be asked to consider ways in which the K-pop industry needs to improve and what aspects of K-pop other industries can learn from. Fan culture is so fascinating and important and there are many aspects of K-pop fan culture to dive into. As a class we will learn about, analyze and participate in K-pop fan culture.


EXCO 301.09 - Intro to the Medium of Machinima (Animation Made Within A Real-Time Engine)

Teacher: Aristotle Reed, w1306901@apps.losrios.edu

This course will be intended to be designed as a Cinema and Video Game Studies introduction about the medium of machinima (not the company): films rendered within a real-time engine software (often animation made using a videogame engine). Machinima can be seen as the intersection between cinema, animation and video games. This course hopes to cover the history of machinima, its impact on internet culture, its use in professional work, its rise and fall and what the future for the medium might be. We will be watching notable works within the medium. Possible topics to be covered, but not limited to: Quake movies, Rooster Teeth, Source FilmMaker, The Academy of Machinima Arts & Sciences, Machinima Film Festivals, Machinima.com, the use of machinima in music videos, VTubers, ILM's StageCraft, Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules, etc.


EXCO 301.10 - Infinite Jest & The Synecdoche New York Effect

Teacher: Gabriel Gonzalez, ggonzalez509@gmail.com

Do you have a passion for literature? This class will explore that no man’s land where literature and reality diverge and why the two can never truly be one. Through the analysis of DFW’s Infinite Jest and Charlie Kaufman’s 2008 film Synecdoche New York we will explore where reality fails literature and ultimately which is the more real of the two. With reference to many big books amongst others, Bolaños 2666 and Wallace’s tome, no book can do justice to the crimes of humanity or the banality of life as an addict. The key question of the course will be how to strive for a more respectful & sacred verisimilitude.


EXCO 301.11 - United States Foster System

Teacher: Sophi Marsaw-Nevarez, thisissophi@icloud.com

Understanding the inner workings of the United States Foster System, how the system pipelines into society issues regarding homelessness, drug addiction and recycling of generational low class. While also observing the history and current roles of the foster system, individuals involved from social workers to foster youth themselves, offering both issue and resolution based learning outcomes. Perfect for those in Social Work or Sociology seeking post graduate positions in Child welfare, Policy or Social Work. I already have multiple faculty in support to help lead the idea and push for this to become an official academic course.


EXCO 301.12 - "Ethical Hacking Kitchen: Learning to Hack in the Most Delicious Way"

Teacher: Christopher Roberts, Croberts@sfsu.edu

Welcome to our unique hacking cooking course, where you will learn the art of hacking in the most delicious way possible! This Course is for everyone from beginner to expert and is designed to educate and equip you with real life  hacking skills and techniques. In this course, you will gain a deep understanding of the hacker mindset and be able to use various tools , resources, and techniques  to apply to both the digital and physical world. This includes social engineering, hardware , and software hacking. To make the learning experience more exciting, we have designed the course with an added component of a home style cooking class. During the course, you will be introduced to a range of recipes that are not only delicious but also have a unique connection to hacking. In addition to the cooking and hacking activities, we will also have open lectures and discussions on various hacking topics, such as hacking history/culture, penetration testing, and cybercrime. You will also have the opportunity to interact with weekly guest speakers who are experts in their fields. At the end of the course, you will have gained a fundamental understanding of hacking  culture  and techniques. You will also leave with some amazing cooking skills and a collection of unique and delicious recipes that you can impress your friends and family with.


EXCO 301.13 - Restorative Practice Circle

Teacher: Gabriel Singer, gabesingersf@gmail.com

The theory, practice and how to implement restorative circle groups. For anyone interested in experiencing the power of restorative circles, join us and let’s heal our community one class at a time.


EXCO 301.14 - Self-Massage and Care

Teacher: Matt Vickers, mvickers@sfsu.edu

Self-Massage and Care will focus on human physiology and self-massage techniques to loosen the knots in the neck, shoulders, back, and appendages of students who have great study skills but poor study ergonomics. Overview: Students will learn about human physiology to identify what muscle groups they are working on, and explore some of the reasons why these muscle groups are unhappy. Students will learn basic rules for good posture, how to improve their workstation ergonomics, and learn some of the ways our bodies respond and maladapt to poor posture and ergonomics. Hands-on activities will include learning various self-massage skills such as using lacrosse balls, foam rollers, and massage canes, and will also teach students basic stretching routines that focus on muscle groups that are most affected by sitting for long durations of time.


EXCO 301.15 - Lucid Dreaming

Teacher: Julia McEvily, jmcevily@sfsu.edu

This course is designed to facilitate an understanding of the benefits of Lucid Dreaming while exploring mindful approaches to sleep and dreaming. We take a look at the history and science of Lucid Dreaming and talk about, and practice, a variety of effective induction techniques. We will be learning how to take note of our sleep cycles so that we can identify the most favorable times in the night to attempt lucid dreaming induction. We will be incorporating mindfulness and meditation to help our lucid dreaming training. Students will be able to identify the difference between lucid and non-lucid dreaming, understand how mindfulness helps both nighttime and daytime lucidity, and how to practice lucid dreaming safely, and without sacrificing their restorative sleep. At the end of the course, students will be able to create their own personalized lucid dreaming training program.


EXCO 301.16 - Adventures in SF

Teacher: Neal Wong, nwong20@sfsu.edu

On weekly field trips led by an SF native, you'll learn about different neighborhoods, current and historical events, and pleasant places that most tourists don't know about. This course starts in a different place every week, which you must arrive at before class.


EXCO 301.17 - Exploring Interactive Media and Virtual Worlds

Teacher: Marcus Tappan, mtappan@sfsu.edu

Students will have the opportunity to learn about interactive media, technology, and mixed reality. Each class will touch on new technology and how it's impacting people in the present and the future. Students will have an opportunity to visit virtual worlds, learn about online subcultures, and create safe digital spaces.


EXCO 301.18 - Diversibility

Teacher: Masha Aleskovski, maleskovski@mail.sfsu.edu

This course is to give students the opportunity to experience what it is like to be disabled, through workshops ranging from one-handed to blind to deaf.