GWAR Course Approval Process

The Academic Senate Policy #S12-14 requires departments, colleges or programs to have a GWAR course approved by CWEP. The Senate approved 7 criteria courses must fulfill to be designated GWAR.   

If a new course is being proposed for GWAR, it needs to be approved as a new course before it is approved, separately, as a GWAR course. A course is considered "new" if 1) the learning objectives change; and 2) the course number changes. Chairs follow the dates set by their Colleges for new course approval, completing a Proposal for New or Revised Course signed by their College Associate Dean.

EXISTING courses can be approved for GWAR immediately, but Chairs must submit a Proposal for a New or Revised Course to their College associate Dean.

To prepare a course for approval for GWAR by the Committee on Written English Proficiency (CWEP), Chairs must  must complete a GWAR Course Approval form and send it with a sample syllabus to CWEP; and complete a Proposal for New or Revised Course.Forward the curriculum materials Juliana E. Van Olphen ( HSS 312, who sends them on for GWAR approval; forward the Proposal for a New or Revised Course to the College Associate Dean.

All syllabi should contain measurable learning outcomes.

  1. GWAR Approval Form
  2. Sample Approval Forms
  3. Sample Approved Syllabi 
  4. GWAR Criteria, Senate Policy #S12-14, p. 5
  5. Student Learning Outcomes
  6. Proposal for New or Revised Course

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