Approved GWAR Courses

All majors now have GWAR courses that fulfill the upper division written English proficiency requirement. Many of these courses also fulfill major requirements. Therefore, while you can take any GWAR course to satisfy the university GWAR requirement, check with your major to make sure you won't have to also take a GWAR course in the major that also fulfills a major requirement. 

Students who don't have access to a GWAR course must take ENG 414 (CMS students may take 410). Students who have passed JEPET prior to 2014 have fulfilled their GWAR.


Contact if you have questions.


PLEASE check with your advisor to make sure you have fulfilled your lower division writing requirement before you enroll in a GW-designated course. You must pass English 214 or its equivalent with a C- before taking any GW-designated course.


The date in parentheses after the course number tells you which semester the course begins to carry GWAR credit. For example, if the date is fall 2009, then the course carries GWAR credit from that point forward. In a few cases, only particular sections of courses have been approved for GWAR.

NOTE:  If you took one of these courses prior to the approval date (in parentheses), it will NOT exempt you from ENG 414 /410.  There are NO exceptions.

NOTE: All these courses carry the GW suffix on the class schedule and transcripts. In COMM STUDIES and POLITICAL SCIENCE, it is possible that one course may have one section that is GWAR and another that is not GWAR. Check for the GW suffix if the section number isn't listed here.

Students who have completed a course section with a GW suffix may NOT repeat and earn additional units for a non-GWAR section of the same numbered course. And students who complete anon-GWAR course section may not repeat and earn additional units for a GWAR section of the same course. For example, a student who takes both PLSI 360GW and PLSI 360 would earn just 4 units total.


GWAR COURSES BY MAJOR:  Students need only ONE course.

Apparel Design and Merchandising

ADM 360-GW (fall 2010)

American Studies

Take GW in Ethnic Studies (ETHS 300), History (HIST 300), OR Humanities (HUM 300)


ANTH 305-GW (spring 2011)


ART 602-GW  (fall 2009), for Art majors with an emphasis in Art History

ART 690-GW (spring 2010), for Art majors with a concentration in Studio Art

ART 551-GW (spring 2010), for Art majors with a concentration in Art Education. This class will be discontinued for GWAR effective Fall 2015.

ART 400-GW (Summer 2015)

Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts

BECA 300-GW (spring 2009)


See also the Department of Biology home page for GWAR in Biology:

Biology majors have flexibility for which GWAR course they can take to meet their requirement, as long as the prerequisites for course have been completed.  In general, Cell & Molecular Biology majors should take Biol 351, Microbiology majors should take Biol402, Botany, Ecology, and Zoology majors should take Biol 529, while Marine Biology majors may choose between Biol 570 and Biol 631, and Physiology majors may choose between Biol 351, Biol 529, and Biol 631.   


BIOL 344-GW (fall 2012)

BIOL 351-GW (fall 2012)

BIOL 570-GW (fall 2012)

BIOL 402-GW (fall 2013)

BIOL 475-GW (fall 2013)

BIOL 529-GW (fall 2013)

BIOL 631-GW (fall 2013)

BIOL 613-GW (spring 2014)


Required of all majors except Decision Science concentration:

BUS 300-GW (spring 2013)

Decision Sciences concentration

DS 660-GW (spring 2012)

Child and Adolescent Development

CAD 500-GW (fall 2009)


CHEM 390-GW (fall 2011)


Majors may choose any one of these courses:

CINE 303-GW (spring 2010)

CINE 342-GW (spring 2013)

CINE 346-GW (spring 2013)

CINE 402-GW (spring 2013)

CINE 410-GW (spring 2013)


CLAS 400-GW (fall 2013)

College of Extended Learning

PLS 414-GW (fall 2009)

College of Science and Engineering

SCI 560-GW (fall 2013)

Communication Studies

Note: not all sections of one course in COMM STUDIES will be GWAR. Be sure to check the section number here and the suffix GW on the class schedule.

COMM STUDIES 534-GW, Section 01: Sabee, Mediation Theory & Practice (ONLY fall 2009; a pilot course); 

COMM STUDIES 561-GW, Section 01: Wingard, Social Semiotics (ONLY fall 2009; a pilot course)

COMM STUDIES 448-GW, 522-GW (fall 2010)

COMM STUDIES 562-GW Section 4 ONLY (fall 2010).

COMM STUDIES 534-GW, COMM STUDIES 561-GW (spring 2011)

COMM STUDIES 502-GW (fall 2012)

COMM STUDIES 444-GW (spring 2013)

COMM STUDIES 504-GW (fall 2013)

Communicative Disorders

CD 668-GW (spring 2013)

Computer Science

CSC 300-GW (fall 2010)

Comparative Literature

CWL 400-GW (fall 2010)

Consumer and Family Studies / Dietetics

CFS 312-GW (fall 2010)

Creative Writing

CW 511-GW, 512-GW, 513-GW (spring 2010)

Criminal Justice

CJ 323-GW (fall 2010)

CJ 330-GW (spring 2011)

Design and Industry

DAI 324-GW (fall 2009)


DANC 300-GW (fall 2010)


DFM 353-GW (fall 2010)

Earth Sciences

ERTH 600-GW (fall 2015); see note to Geosciences, below


ECON 690-GW (spring 2011)

English Language and Literature

ENG 480-GW (spring 2009) for all concentrations except TPW

Technical Professional Writing

TPW 400-GW (fall 2010)


ENGR 300-GW-301-302; 696-697 (sequence beginning Fall 2010 or later). Please note that ENGR 697 will carry the GW suffix. 

Civil Engineering: 300--302, 696-697-GW

Computer Engineering 300--301, 696-697-GW

Electrical Engineering 300--301, 696-697-GW

Mechanical Engineering 300-302, 696-697-GW

Environmental Studies

ENVS 450-GW (spring 2009)

Ethnic Studies

ETHS 300-GW (spring 2010)

Foreign Languages and Literatures

FL 400-GW (spring 2011) OR take GW from these programs:

FL Programs:

CHIN 601-GW (fall 2011)

CHIN 612-GW (fall 2013)

FR 400-GW (spring 2011)

GER 350-GW (fall 2012)

ITAL 600-GW (fall 2011)

SPAN 401-GW (spring 2011)

SPAN 350-GW (spring 2013)


GEOG 690-GW (fall 2010)

GEOG 500-GW (spring 2015)

Geosciences  Effective Fall 2015: Geology, Oceanography, Meterology will merge into the B.S. in Earth Sciences, with the new course prefix ERTH. GEOL 458-GW will replaceGEOL 460 and METR 430.



GEOL 458-GW (fall 2010); will become ERTH 600GW Fall 2015

GEOL 460-GW (fall 2010) will no longer be GW Fall 2015

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

METR 430-GW (fall 2010) will no longer be GW Fall 2015

Health Education

HED 400-GW (for spring 2009, Section 03-GW: Quijano; all sections, fall 2009)


HIST 300-GW (fall 2009) 

Note: American Studies and Labor Studies take HIST 300

Hospitality and Tourism Management

HTM 531-GW (spring 2012)

HTM 300-GW (spring 2015)


HUM 300-GW (spring 2010)

Interior Design

ID 340-GW (fall 2010)

International Relations

IR 309-GW (fall 2010)


JOUR 300-GW (fall 2009)

Jewish Studies

JS 302-GW (spring 2013)


KIN 330-GW (spring 2011)

Labor Studies

Take History (HIST 300)

Liberal Studies

LS 300-GW (spring 2009


MATH 300-GW (spring 2010)

MATH 301-GW (spring 2009)


MUS 542-GW (fall 2010)


NURS 312-GW; for APO, NURS 300-GW (fall 2010)


PHIL 320-GW (fall 2009)

Physics and Astronomy

ASTR/PHYS 340-GW (spring 2010)

PHYS 490  (fall 2010) and 491-GW (spring 2011); this is a sequence and 491 carries the GW

Political Science

Note: not all sections of PLSI will always be GWAR. Be sure to check the class schedule for specific sections carrying the GW suffix. 

PLSI 387-GW, 415-GW, 561-GW (spring 2010)

PLSI 351-GW, 418-GW, 512-GW (spring 2011)

PLSI 512-GW (spring 2011); beginning spring 2014, this course is no longer designated GWAR

PLSI 357-GW (fall 2011)

PLSI 353-GW (spring 2012)

PLSI 360-GW (spring 2012)

PLSI 477-GW (spring 2012)

PLSI 392-GW (fall 2012)

 PLSI 420-GW (spring 2013)


PSY 305-GW (spring 2011)

Recreation, Parks and Tourism

RPT 660-GW (fall 2010)


SOC 300-GW (spring 2010)

Social Work

SW 301-GW (spring 2010)


THA 405-GW (spring 2010)

Urban Studies and Planning

USP 401-GW (fall 2009)

Women and Gender Studies

WGS 300-GW (fall 2010)

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