Meet the FYE Peer Mentors

FYE Peer Mentors

The following peer mentors will be in Area E First-Year Seminar courses during Spring 2021. 




Betsy Paredes Centeno (she/her/hers)


Betsy Paredes Centeno (she/her/ella) is a master's student in Psychology's Mind, Brain, and Behavior program at SFSU, where she also got her BA in both Psychology and Latino/a Studies. She was born in San Francisco, CA and currently resides in East Palo Alto, CA. She is excited about meeting incoming first-year students and helping them navigate remote learning and the transition from high school to college.


Skye Taliaferro (she/her/hers)


Skye (she/her/hers) is currently a third-year Visual Communications major who grew up in the Bay Area and is originally from San Mateo, California. She loves all things design, enjoys baking, and loves boba! Skye is excited to be a peer mentor this semester because she loves working with and being able to help students.


Sonia Getz (she/her/hers)


Sonia (she/her/hers) is in her third year at SFSU studying Sociology with a minor in Race & Resistance. This spring, she can't wait to work with students in ENG 216 Making a Difference: Rhetoric for Social Action. Outside of school, she likes reading and spending time in the sun. 


Sarah Dang (she/her/hers)


My name is Sarah and I was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa but I am currently living in San Jose, California. I'm a 3rd year Kinesiology major. This Fall, I am excited for more family time, new learning experiences, and creating new friendships with first year students.


Makaela Mabrey (she/her/hers)

Makaela Mabrey (she/her/hers) is a political science major from San Francisco. This semester, she hopes to discover new and efficient ways to connect with my peers online.


Jason Pichardo Hernandez (he/him/his)


My name is Jason (he/him/his). I'm a Psychology major and was born and raised here in the Bay Area and I’m currently living in the East bay in Castro Valley. Something that excites me for fall 2020 Is I get to start doing my job again as a Peer mentor and I can’t wait to meet all my students. Another thing is the classes I’ll be taking because I think I picked really interesting classes so I’m excited for that!


Lorenzo Emmanuel Abecia (he/him/his)


My name is Lorenzo Abecia. I am currently a second year Pre-Nursing Student living here in the Bay Area in Pittsburg, California. I am excited to meet and work with first year students, the faculty, as well as to build connections and make friends with students and my fellow peers!


Olivia Aquino (she/her/they/them)


Olivia Aquino (she/they/siya) is a second year Asian American Studies major and Counseling minor. She was raised in the Bay Area but currently resides in Tracy, CA. She enjoys painting, hot pot, museums, and aquariums (but will have to wait until it's safe to enjoy visiting them!). Aside from building community with and getting to know her wonderful students, Olivia is excited for the workshops and events to come this semester!


Jair Estrada (He/Him)


Hello! Im Jair Estrada, Im a Computer Science Major and Im excited to be a peer mentor because its a great opportunity to expand on my organizational skills and people skills.


Daniella Llamas (she/her/hers)


My name is Daniella Llamas, and I'm a second year, majoring in English. I'm from Los Angeles, CA, and currently doing online school from LA as well. I love poetry, and all forms of art in general.This semester I'm so excited to provide support to students as well as host online social events!


Jessica Nowak (she/her/hers)


I'm Jessica, and I'm a second year double majoring in Cinema and Japanese. I'm from LA, and currently doing school online from there! I'm excited to help students with online school difficulties, and to make the experience of attending school online more fun.


Audrey Parker (she/her/hers)


I’m Audrey, a second year Studio Art major from Palm Desert, California! I’m super excited to make connections with the first year students, and help them make connections of their own. I’m ready to make this semester the best one yet!


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