First Year Seminars


First-Year Seminars offered this Spring 2021

First-Year Seminars fulfill Area E general education. They are small, writing-intensive courses in a variety of subjects with a focus on the first-year experience at SF State. 

All University 

AU 101: First-Year Experience

The goals of higher education, mission and structure of the university, communication and information compentency, academic skill development, and personal and interpersonal skilsl related to academic success. 

College of Business

BUS 216: Foundations in Business Communications

Examination of business foundational skills including constructive reading and writing skills for business inquiry, engagement in social and ethical issues within the field of business, specific composing and revising skills, critical analysis, and self-reflection. Extensive practice in writing and editing business documents with an emphasis on style, structure, purpose, and audience. Examination of differences in cultural diversity in business.

College of Ethnic Studies

AAS 106: Asian American Activism

Introduction to the discipline of Asian American studies and the practice of interdisciplinary, social-justice based inquiry and research. Focus on the human behavior of Asian American leadership, visionary activism, activist movements, and activist-related knowledge paradigms. Emphasis on rhetorical strategies of communication for self-reflection, self-determination, and community empowerment, and for the development of social relationships.

LTNS 270: Latina/o/x Murals, Memes, Music, and More: Latina/o/x Arts & Humanities

Latina/o/x cultural experiences documented through music, visual culture, and oral history. Focus on the historical, social, political, and economic forces that inform the activist orientation of Latina/o/x music, public art, visual culture, and the humanities.

College of Health and Sciences

HSS 210: Social Justice in Action: A Health and Social Sciences Perspective

Analysis of social justice issues from a health and social science perspective. Learn and apply concepts and communication strategies to advocate for oneself and others on and off campus. 

College of Liberal and Creative Arts

ENG 216: Writing the First Year: Making a Difference
The culmination of a first-year experience sequence. Semester-long projects on topics related to personal and professional interests and involving questions of social justice, personal identity, health, and well-being. Choice of topics creates opportunities for lifelong learning and self-development. Practice academic strategies and habits of mind, learn about campus resources, discover their academic purpose and pathways, learn and practice academic and professional argumentation, develop information literacy, engage with the writing process including peer and faculty feedback, and practice a variety of rhetorical genres, both digital and print.

LS 200: Introduction to Liberal Studies: Self, Place, and Inquiry

Introduction to the Liberal Studies and the practice of interdisciplinary inquiry. The culmination of the first-year experience sequence. Project-based focus on different ways of understanding oneself in relationship to our place of study: the University and the city of San Francisco. Emphasis on experiential learning through mapping (exploring, navigating, understanding, and cataloging).


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