Teacher Application

To Apply to teach an EXCO course next semester, fill out the teacher application below. Applications for Spring 2021 will be accepted until October 23rd.

  • EXCO 301 is the course you will teach.
  • EXCO 401 is the course you will sign up for to get 1-4 units (your choice). You are expected to attend twice a month (the class sections are every other week.)

Why teach an EXCO course?

There are as many different reasons to teach an EXCO class as there are students who have taught or want to teach. Here are just a few:

  • Do you want to challenge yourself to develop organizational and leadership skills?
  • Have you wanted to pursue in more depth a part of a course you have taken (answer questions that were raised in the course but not answered?).
  • Is there a topic you are passionate about and want to learn more?
  • Is there a topic you know little about but want to learn more?
  • Would you like to belong to a community of learners who want to change society for the better?

Mission Statement

EXCO courses create a space that allows students to find their voice. Student-led courses allow all students to participate in the experience of shared knowledge and personal experience. Students choosing the topics they wish to teach allows the possibility of like-minded people to begin the process of transforming how the world works through grassroots means. The opportunity of allowing students to share/teach their passions is done in the hopes of breaking down hierarchical pedagogy which inherently limits not only our educational experience but our development as human beings.

EXCO Teacher Application

Applications for Spring 2021 will be accepted until October 23rd.

Link to EXCO Teacher Application