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English: Expository Reading and Writing Course

The California State University collaborated with college and high school English faculty and reading experts to develop a curriculum for a 12th grade Expository Reading and Writing Course that may be used by the high school as a full, one-year course or from which modules may be integrated into existing 12th grade English classes. The Expository Reading and Writing Course is aligned with the California Common Core and consists of lessons based on non-fiction and fiction texts that can fulfill the "B" requirement of the UC/CSU (a-g) college preparatory course pattern.

The California State University, in collaboration with the County Offices of Education, provides professional learning programs for high and middle school English teachers for the Expository Reading and Writing Course.

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Math: Strengthening Mathematics Instruction

CSU faculty, K-12 Math teachers, and state curriculum specialists have developed Strengthening Mathematics Instruction (SMI), which is designed to present a variety of strategies for teaching students how to solve complex mathematical problems. The workshop includes instruction on developing cognitively complex problems, analyzing student misconceptions, and understanding college readiness.

Included in the workshop are teaching strategies to:

  • Promote mathematical and numeric flexibility
  • Incorporate multiple representations
  • Help students extend procedures and emphasize structures.

The focus of the program is on providing support for teachers to be able to increase student capacity to meet the CSU college readiness standards. The workshop also supports student performance on SBAC, EAP, SATs and ACTs, AP exams, and other tests.

Intended Outcomes of SMI

The EAP Mathematics Professional Learning Committee has developed the SMI workshop with the intent of supporting teachers in their efforts to meet the needs of students as they enter college and the workforce. Participation with your colleagues in this professional learning workshop will support your professional growth, and foster engagement and math competency of your students.

Professional Learning

SMI professional learning is designed for math departments to attend as vertical and horizontal teams with at least an Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, and Precalculus teacher. District teams are also acceptable, with at least 4 participants from each school, preferably within different areas.

The Professional Learning consists of:

  • Approximately 16-24 hours of training broken into small modules that can be delivered in an all-day or half-day format, or in shorter segments over time with teacher practice between sessions
  • Materials and training for teachers of Algebra I through Precalculus
  • A bank of standards-based and curriculum-related problems for use in classrooms
  • A bank of sample lesson plans that highlights the instructional strategies and mathematics content of the modules

Below is a brief presentation that can be shared with colleagues, math departments, district curriculum specialists, and parents on the contents of SMI.


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