Early Assessment Program

The Early Assessment Program at SF State works in collaboration with Bay Area middle and high schools to support students’ college readiness and encourage student success through curriculum alignment, an 11th grade readiness indicator (CAASPP) and a senior year experience. We are mindful advocates of all students and proactive supporters who work to ensure that all students have the resources and assistance they need as they enter SF State, area California Community Colleges or other CSU campuses. Our goal is to align standards and expectations between secondary and post-secondary segments in order to create an invigorated and supportive community of students, teachers and staff who work in collaboration to ensure that all students are prepared to succeed in college.

Our work supports the University’s core values of: courage, life of the mind, equity, community and resilience.

  • Encourage students to reach their goals;
  • Access and support for high school students so that all students feel prepared, empowered and welcomed to SF State;
  • Creating a community of teachers, faculty and staff who support college readiness and student success;
  • Supporting active, engaged learning and the life of the mind;
  • Fostering resilience in high school students by reducing institutional barriers and by encouraging communication through responsive and caring interactions.

Benefits of the EAP

  • Aligning standards so that success in high school means readiness for the CSU;
  • Providing high school students with an early signal about their college readiness and adequate time to prepare before entering CSU;
  • Ensuring the senior year is a time for directed, purposeful preparation for college;
  • Exempting CSU-ready students from taking CSU placement tests, thereby, reducing testing time;
  • Aligning expectations by working together with students, teachers and administrators to create and sustain a college-going atmosphere.

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Christa Amouroux, Ph.D.   |   Early Assessment Program Manager


Division of Undergraduate Education and Academic Planning

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