Staff Helping to Include New Experiences of Students (SHINES) Workshop


Staff Helping to Include New Experiences of Students (SHINES) workshop

The SF State First Year Experience Committee in collaboration with the Center for Equity and Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CEETL) is offering an online asynchronous workshop for staff: “Staff Helping to Include New Experiences of Students (SHINES).” SHINES is focused on providing reflections, information and resources on the first-year experience. The format is primarily asynchronous. In this online workshop, participants will:

  • Identify the importance of staff for first-year student success
  • Reflect and develop empathy for the first-year students through understanding one’s own transitions as we return to SF state
  • Review the online first-year student portals and locate resources that can best help first-year students succeed
  • Apply best practices in creating supportive, engaging, positive environments for staff in interactions with first-year students

The course is expected to take approximately 10 hours to complete. Register online for the summer session, which will run from Aug. 5 to Nov. 15. The workshop is fully online and self-paced, allowing maximum flexibility for staff to choose when and how they engage during the busy Fall semester.


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