SFSU Class Scheduling Tools

Institutional Analytics provides a dashboard that allows departments to view historical enrollment trends by course.

Historical Course Enrollment

Recommended settings:

  • Select term being planned and 3 to 5 years
  • Select department to see all course subjects offered by department
  • Select “show” for Course Cap and Enrollment Ratio
  • Select Course in the Ordered by (#1) filter.

When evaluating course enrollment history, bring your knowledge of the curriculum to the review. Which courses are required for majors, how often are courses offered (every semester, every other semester), which courses are in GE (select GE area in Ordered by (#2) to see GE attributes for courses)?

Look at the enrollment ratios for a given course over time. Enrollment ratios reflect how “full” the class gets. Desirable enrollment ratios are between 70% and 85% for a section of a course.

High enrollment ratios (90% or higher) signifies a course for which student demand is high. If there are courses with enrollment ratios of 90% or higher term over term, consider increasing numbers of seats or sections of the course, or plan to offer the course in the summer to give students another chance to take the course.

Low enrollment ratios (< 70%) signify a course for which student demand is low. If there are courses with enrollment ratios of 70% or lower term over term, consider changing how frequently the course is offered. Can resources be reallocated from one low enrollment courses to a higher demand course for the upcoming term? If a course has multiple sections, can one section fewer be offered in the upcoming term?

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