Student Engagement Videos

Student engagement and the benefits of meaningful student involvement in curricular and extra-curricular activities are the core focus of this collection of San Francisco State media.

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SF State Overview

San Francisco State University was established in 1899 as a teacher training school. Today the university serves a diverse collection of students representing almost every state in the nation and nearly 100 nations worldwide, and is one of the top 20 most diverse campuses nationwide.

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Social Justice, Equity and Civic Engagement at SF State

This brief video highlights examples of SF State's approach to the theme of social justice/civic engagement and the skills students need to function in a truly global society.

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Transforming Calculus

Learn more about the innovative course redesign accomplishments of Arek Goetz and Eric Hsu, Associate Professors of Mathematics at SF State, as they teach a blended first semester Calculus course using collaborative groups, streamed lectures, online homework, and multimedia aids.

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Documentary for Health and Social Justice

Meet the students who created a series of compelling social justice documentary films to explore the impact of HIV on women and how five communities across the nation are making a difference.

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Student Engagement: Multiple Delivery Methods of Course Content in Teaching Writing

Student engagement in the classroom is a focus of Professor Erik Rosegard's teaching philosophy and pedagogy. He develops socially relevant in-class activities and provides hands-on learning experiences addressing student's different learning styles.

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Increased Engagement: Universal Design For Learning

This is an overview of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) activities that Professor Paul Beckman has successfully used in his class to create greater accessibility with multiple forms of representation and student engagement activities.

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Engagement Outcomes: Production Skills to Real Life Knowledge

San Francisco State University Lecturer Jen Vaughn discusses how she keeps her students engaged both inside and outside of the classroom through the use of group projects, guest lecturers, and informative demonstrations.

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Student Engagement: Multiple Delivery Methods of Course Content in Teaching Writing

After learning more about Universal Design for Learning (UDL) practices, Professor Neil Lindeman designed his technical writing course to incorporate more audio-visual materials and activities.

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Engaging Students With Simulation Lab Activities

Luanne Livermore, BSN, RN, and Pediatrics Lecturer and Simulation Instructor in the School of Nursing at San Francisco State University, explains how she designs simulation scenarios to engage her students in the learning process.

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Study Abroad Opportunities: OIP

San Francisco State University offers students the opportunity to take classes in 24 different nations. This video is a celebration of diversity in which students and alumni who participated in the Study Abroad program invite students from different nations to participate in "International Week 2009."

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San Francisco State University - Spaceward Bound 2010

San Francisco State University offers programs that provide future teachers with first-hand knowledge and experiences where the learning takes place outside of the classroom.

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SF State Graduate Research and Creative Works Showcase

The Graduate Research and Creative Works Showcase is an annual event for students to display their work. Hundreds of students, faculty, and administrators attend the event, along with recruiters from other universities.

President Corrigan

Robert A. Corrigan Welcome Days Speech

President Robert A. Corrigan delivers his Welcome Days speech to the class of 2010.

Linda BuckleyDr. Linda Buckley: Interview, The WASC Process

Dr. Linda Buckley, Associate Vice President of Academic Planning and Development, discusses the three stages of the WASC process and invites the SF State community to become more involved in this valuable evaluation review process.

Gerald EismanDr. Gerald Eisman: Interview, Social Justice and Civic Engagement

Dr. Gerald Eisman, Director of the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement and Chair of the WASC Subcommittee on Social Justice and Civic Engagement, discusses the research and analytical processes the subcommittee undertook to explore how SF State is maintaining its commitment to social justice, equity and civic engagement.

Jo Volkert

Dr. Jo Volkert: Interview, Changing Student Demographics

Dr. Jo Volkert, Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management and Chair of the WASC Subcommittee on Student Demographics, discusses demographic changes in the profile of our student population in the last 10 years and how well we are serving all of the students at SF State.

Helen Goldsmith

Helen Goldsmith, Facilitating Graduation and Retention

Helen Goldsmith, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Chair of the WASC Subcommittee on Graduation and Retention, shares her insights into the processes and major findings of the subcommittee.


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