STAR Act (Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act) - ADT Pathways and Roadmaps

Follow the links below to access a list of the SF State degrees that have been formally approved as "similar" -- which means that SF State faculty have reviewed the relevant ADT and determined that a student who earns that ADT can complete the "similar" major after transfer, including all graduation requirements, in no more than 60 units.

Each pathway includes a link to a sample roadmap for ADT students transferring into a similar B.A./B.S. degree program at SF State. The roadmaps illustrate how to complete the SF State degree in 60 units, how many units from the ADT apply to the major, and how the units apply to the major. 

Current and Previous Years' Pathways and Roadmaps:


If you did not complete an AA-T or AS-T from a California community college in a major deemed "similar," consult with your major department about the required pathway to graduation. If you have questions about why a particular AA-T or AS-T isn't "similar" to a particular SF State degree, contact

If you have questions about admission to the university with an AA-T or AS-T degree, contact




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