Writing Groups Spring/Summer 2021

Section 3: Degree Programs: Meaning, Quality, and Integrity of Degrees

Genie Stowers (Professor, Public Administration, HSS), Co-Chair
Christina Sabee (Associate Dean, LCA), Co-Chair

James Aguilar (Director of Government and Community Relations, Associated Students)
Anoshua Chaudhuri (Professor, Chair, Economics,LFCoB)
Meredith Eliassen (Special Collections and Archives, J. Paul Leonard Library)
Wei Ming Dariotis (Professor, Asian American Studies, CoES; CEETL Faculty Directory)
Chris Moffat (Professor, Biology, CoSE; Faculty Director of GE, DUEAP)

Content of Section 3

Section 4: Educational Quality: Student Learning, Core Competencies, and Standard of Performance at Graduation

Gwen Allen (Professor, Director, School of Art, LCA), Co-Chair
Sophie Clavier (Dean, Graduate Studies), Co-Chair

Karen Nelson Villanueva (Program Lead,CEL)
Grace Yoo (Professor, Asian American Studies, CoES; FYE Faculty Director, DUEAP)
Kendra Van Cleave (Associate Librarian, J. Paul Leonard Library) 
Juliana Van Olphen (Professor, Public Health, HSS; Faculty Director of WAC, CEETL)
Yim-Yu Wong (Associate Dean, LFCoB)

Content of Section 4

Section 5: Student Success: Student Learning, Retention, and Graduation

Arlene Daus-Magbual (Director, AAPI Student Services, SAEM), Co-Chair
Susanna Jones (Asst. Dean, HSS), Co-Chair

Marilyn Jackson (Director, Office of International Programs)
Jeff Cookston (Professor, Psychology, CoSE)
Jennifer Valencia (Director of Retention and Graduation initiatives, Associated Students)
Taylor Harman (Faculty Co-Director of Writing Tutoring, TASC)
Mary Beth Love (Executive Director, Metro College Success Program; Professor, Public Health, HSS)
Laura Epstein (Professor, Chair, Speech, Language and Hearing Science, GCoE)
Nicole Bolter (Associate Professor, Kinesiology,HSS)

Content of Section 5

Section 6: Quality Assurance and Improvement: Program Review, Assessment, Use of Data and Evidence

Susan Roe (Associate Professor, Hospitality and Tourism Management, LFCoB), Co-Chair
Catriona Esquibel (Associate Dean, CoES), Co-Chair

Jennifer Shea (Associate Professor, Public Administration, HSS)
Burcu Ellis (Professor, International Relations, LCA)
Eurania Lopez (Asst. Director Undergraduate Admissions and Enrollment, SAEM)
Diana Chu (Professor, Biology, CoSE)
Mia Reisweber (Director, Student Activities & Events, SAEM)

Content of Section 6

Section 7: Sustainability: Financial Viability; Preparing for the Changing Higher Education Environment

Yvonne Bui (Professor, Chair, Special Education, GCoE), Co-Chair
George Haris (Associate Director Employee & Family Housing, A&F), Co-Chair

Janelle Waldrep (Study Abroad Coordinator, Office of International Programs)
Nancy Gerber (Faculty Director of Advising, DUEAP; Professor, Chemistry & Biochemistry)
Michael Goldman (Professor, Biology, CoSE)
Bonnie Li Victorino (Director of Finance and Operations, LFCoB)
Mai Nhung Le (Professor, Chair, Asian American Studies, CoES)
Frederick Smith (AVP, Division of Equity & Community Inclusion, SAEM)

Content of Section 7

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