GWAR Requirement

For Faculty:

See GWAR Course Approval Process for a description of how to get a course in your department designated GWAR. The Academic Senate sets the criteria for a course to be designated as fulfilling GWAR. Syllabi provide representative examples of approved courses.

If you have multilingual students in your classes and need support, click on the attachment GWAR Instructors and CMS.

For Undergraduate Students:

Undergraduate students must complete the CSU Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR). You may enroll in GWAR after you pass English 214 OR its equivalent with a grade of Credit or C- or higher. 

Your major may require a GWAR-designated course or offer one as an elective in the major. Check the Approved GWAR Courses to see if your major offers a GWAR course. Consult with your major department if you are uncertain how your department's GWAR designated course might be used in your major program. All majors now have GWAR courses. However, adoption of GWAR courses is ongoing, so a few departments are continuing to design their course offerings. The last JEPET exam will be given on June 1st, 2013. After that, students who don't have access to a GWAR course should take ENG 414.   

Note: Students who have passed JEPET prior to 2014 have fulfilled their GWAR.

Students with multilingual backgrounds can consult the attachment Multilingual Students and GWAR. Multilingual students who have completed all or most of their previous education in the United States may substitute ENG 410 for ENG 414 only if they qualify forENG 410 on the basis of their ESLPT scores or receive permission from the Composition for Multilingual Students coordinator.

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