Twin Peaks with Earth and Climate Science Faculty - Friday April 27 3:00-4:00pm


Join us for a discussion of the geology, oceanography, and climate of San Francisco. We will travel to the Twin Peaks area of San Francisco where we will look out over the city, and the bay in order to frame our discussion of the natural environment of the city. Three professors in the department of Earth & Climate Sciences will discuss their research into understanding the natural world around us. Lectures include Dr. Yadira Ibarra, an expert in the geologic history of the American West,  Dr. Petra Dekens, an expert in climate and oceanographic history of the planet, and Dr. Alexander (Zan) Stine, an expert in the use of tree-rings to reconstruct past climates.
Meet at Twin Peaks, 501 Twin Peaks Blvd, San Francisco, CA.



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