Create your dream seminar for first-year students

Have you ever considered turning your passion into a first-year experience that connects with our students and with issues in your discipline? If so, consider developing a First-year seminar.
In Fall 2019, San Francisco State University will be offering First-Year seminars to new first-year students. First-year seminars will meet the Area E General Education requirement and are intended to be small courses with written assignments centered on the development of students’ voices. Through a first-year experience lens, students will be introduced to concepts related to lifelong learning and self-development, including identity, social justice, and well-being. Through various disciplines and through collaborative learning, students will explore various pathways and opportunities. Assignments will culminate in a digital or print portfolio. First-year seminars will provide an opportunity for students to engage with their peers, professor and campus community.
Tenured and tenure-track faculty are invited to participate in a Summer and Fall 2018 learning community focused on the “Development of a First-Year Seminar Course” (Area E).  Through this faculty learning community, faculty will get to work with colleagues across campus and reflect on the first-year experience at SF State while create and innovate “dream courses” that meet the Area E General Education.
Faculty will receive $1000 for their participation.  Complete this link if you are interested in participating.
For course parameters and student learning outcomes, please click here.

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