Classroom Assessment

Classroom Assessment can tell you quickly and effectively how well your students are learning. Simple methods can be used. The purpose of classroom assessment is to provide faculty and students with the awareness and information needed to improve teaching effectiveness and learning quality. Feedback received through classroom assessment can inform and provide opportunities for adjustments in teaching. Faculty can share feedback with students, using it to help them improve their learning strategies and study habits to become more independent, successful learners.

The Center for Teaching and Faculty Development Can also be a great resource for training on workshops of teaching and classroom assessment techniques

Review resources available for Classroom Assessment:

  • U of Washington department samples of student learning objectives in: chemistry, anthropology, geography, public health and many course “exemplary” objectives. An engineering coalition presents evaluation instruments, employer evaluations, using focus groups. In another section of this site (“Design”), find info on Capstone courses and freshman orientation courses.
  • Portfolios used in Assessment (pending)

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