STAR Act (Student Transfer Achievement Reform Act) - ADT Pathways and Roadmaps

The links below provide access to the most accurate and updated summary of the SF State degrees that have been formally approved as "similar" -- which means that SF State faculty have reviewed the relevant ADT and determined that a student who earns that ADT can complete the "similar" major after transfer, including all graduation requirements, in no more than 60 units.

Each pathway listed includes a link to a sample roadmap for ADT students transferring into a similar B.A./B.S. degree program at SF State. These roadmaps illustrate how to complete the SF State degree in 60 units. 

Current and Previous Years' Pathways and Roadmaps:


If you did not complete an AA-T or AS-T from a California community college in a major deemed "similar," consult with your major department about the required pathway to graduation. If you have questions about why a particular AA-T or AS-T is or isn't "similar" to a particular SF State degree, contact

If you have questions about admission to the university with an AA-T or AS-T degree, contact




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