California Community Colleges Approved CSU GE

For 2017-2018 information, see below. For 2018-2019 information, click here.


The documents below were obtained from 2017-2018 California Community College websites or catalogs, or from the CIAC (statewide articulation) listserve.  These documents provide information about approved CSU GE certifications for CCC courses taken in 2017-2018.

For CCC courses taken in 2016-2017, the documents below can also be used -- together with 2016-2017 CSU GE certification information published on -- to confirm CSU GE status for 2016-2017.

A course taken during 16-17 that is not visible as certified on the ASSIST site for 16-17, but is published on the CCC's 17-18 sheet below, should be honored. Note that in some cases, prefix changes have gone into effect for 2017-2018, but this alone does not impact certification.

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